Italian journal
How does soil carbon sequestration affect greenhouse gas emissions from a sheep farming system? Results of an life cycle assessment case study

Pasquale Arca, Enrico Vagnoni, Pierpaolo Duce, Antonello Franca

Italian Journal of Agronomy




ES and P
Policy design for climate change mitigation and adaptation in sheep farming: Insights from a study of the knowledge transfer chain

Concu G.B., Atzeni G., Meleddu M., Vannini M.

2020, Environmental Science & Policy 107:99-113




green islands ras
Handbook Green economy as a development opportunity for EU islands

Publisher: Regione Autonoma della Sardegna (Italy) - 2019




BOA Prgm Abs Final
The effect of carbon sequestration on the environmental implications of a Pecorino Romano PDO sheep supply chain

Enrico Vagnoni, Antonello Franca, Pasquale Arca, Laura Sanna, Pierpaolo Duce

2018, Proceeding of the 11th International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment of Food (LCA Food 2018) in conjunction with the 6th LCA AgriFood Asia and 7th International Conference on Green and Sustainable Innovation (ICGSI)




small ruminant
Transition among different production systems in a Sardinian dairy sheep farm: Environmental implications

Enrico Vagnoni, Antonello Franca

2018, Small Ruminant Research




Environmental profile of Sardinian sheep milk cheese supply chain: A comparison between two contrasting dairy systems

Enrico Vagnoni, Antonello Franca, Claudio Porqueddu, Pierpaolo Duce

2017, Journal of Cleaner Production 165:1078-1089
DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2017.07.115




Book of Abstracts ASPA
Facing carbon emission mitigation of dairy sheep supply chain: estimation of a baseline trend

Alberto S. Atzori, Enrico Vagnoni, Giovanni Molle, Antonello Franca, Mauro Decandia, Claudio Porqueddu, Giuseppe Pulina, Pierpaolo Duce

2017, Proceedings of the 2nd Congress of the Association of Animal Science and Production




Eco-sustainable dairy sheep production: an LCA approach from Sardinia, Italy

Vagnoni E., Sanna L., Campus E., Arca P., Atzori A.S., Molle G., Decandia M., Franca A., Manca A., Duce P.

2017, Proceedings of the V Annual Conference of the Italian Society for Climate Sciences




Book of abstracts Vitoria 2017
Environmental Implications of Different Production Systems in a Sardinian Dairy Sheep Farm

Antonello Franca, Enrico Vagnoni

2017, Proceedings of ‘Innovation for Sustainability in Sheep and Goats’ Joint Seminar of FAO-CIHEAM Network




2017 atti lca
The environmental profile of Pecorino Romano PDO. A case study

Enrico Vagnoni, Antonello Franca, Claudio Porqueddu, Pierpaolo Duce

2017, Proceedings of the XI Italian LCA Network Conference




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