Launch Event of the SheepToShip LIFE project

Council of the Environmental Defence, Autonomous Region of Sardinia

Cagliari - 28th of July, 2016

The SheepToShip LIFE - "Looking for an eco-sustainable sheep supply chain: environmental benefits and implications" project starts with the kick-off meeting July the 28th,  2016.

The representatives of the project partners - the Institute of Biometeorology as coordinator and the Institute for the Mediterranean Animal Production System, both from the National Research Council in Sassari, Agris and LAORE - Regional Agencies for the Development in Agriculture, the Concil of Environmental Defence of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, and the Departments of Agriculture and Business Economics of the University of Sassari - met at the regional headquarters of the Department of Environmental Defence to officially start the project work and define strategy and objectives to be achieved, and the actions to be implemented.
The Councillor for Environmental Defence Donatella Spano, introduced the event, highlighting that the expectations towards the project concern useful operational indications to be translated into regional strategy and financial interventions to the farms which follow the project' protocols.

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With the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union
LIFE 15 CCM/IT/000123

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